OccupyLA Peacefully!

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker "Y Yoga Movie"

(this clip was captured by ThkThe99 (youtube)

This is a speech by Arthur Klein: "Can you feel the energy building on this earth? What we say here is heard all over the world immediately. The energy in this is palpable" He also talked about the city council passing a measure to support the occupation and the cooperation that we were getting from the police.

Full Article Available by >Clicking Here<

About the Guru Within

During my journey I have come to realize that sharing the Guru Within is the best purpose in being. I share a reflection of all of our Gurus Within by teaching, coaching, speaking and being by living yoga & meditation while coaxing the world to consider doing the same. in Love, Light and Peace, Om Mani Padme Hum, Arthur

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