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Arthur Klein Padmasana NYC in "Y Yoga Movie"
Teaching Bio
Born in 1956, Arthur Klein has practiced yoga since 1974, when in high school he was given the option of normal gym class or yoga class instead.  Since he has always taken the road less traveled Arthur decided yoga was the perfect choice as a gym requirement for graduation.  It was an alternative high school in NY during the mid 1970’s.  The world was filled with peace, yoga and meditation for a high school kid ready for one incredible journey.

“On 13th September 2001, film-maker Arthur Klein received an email from a friend of a friend who had escaped the collapse of WTC Tower One, and had decided to put his feelings into words.  The email was poignant, heartfelt and amazing, and after forwarding it to some friends, Arthur left his desk in the middle of the day and walked out into the Santa Monica sun.

Arthur Klein Exhale, Venice, California Yoga Activist & Filmmaker "Y Yoga Movie"“I left my office in my street clothing and went to a 1:30 pm yoga class around the corner from work,” remembers Arthur, “It seemed like a far better idea to regain a sense of peace and well-being instead of going to the mall and shop or go on vacation as the American leadership advised.  The teacher was Ashley Turner and her words were magic… I went to class for many months after that.

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker "Y Yoga Movie" in Tree PostureSuddenly, going to a class everyday was not only important but essential, and it wasn’t long before the idea of a yoga-based film began to take hold: “After a year of practicing yoga every day two of my teacher, who were aware that I was a filmmaker; asked me to capture what was going on in our community.”  Little did Arthur know that when he accepted the challenge of finding out why people practice yoga, his journey would take him around the world and take some six years to complete:

The documentary that Arthur ultimately made “Y Yoga Movie”, is not just a film about yoga, it is an invitation to a better life; a journey into how and why yoga affects so many people and in so many ways.  It is a celebration of yoga...”
Michelle Morgan Yoga + Monthly Magazine UK
Feature Article & Review June 2009

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker of "Y Yoga Movie"“Y Yoga Movie” premiered at the Democratic National Convention, Colorado 2008.  Since then so many cool and amazing things have manifested.  Like the fan who sent a DVD to President Bill Clinton.  And then my surprise in receiving the President’s personal thank you note.  He wrote individual notes to each of us and more importantly, from what I understand, the Former President now practices yoga, is a vegan most of the time and is healthier than ever.  Or like the fact that “Y Yoga Movie” is a big hit inside maximum security prisons.  Prisoners have said it inspires them to begin to forgive themselves.

“On my first trip to India eight years ago, my guidebook said that Rishikesh was the yoga capital of the world.  After seeing “Y Yoga Movie”, I wonder if LA now has that title.

Insightful & candid interviews with celestial yogis Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffmann, Gurmukh, Seane Corn, Dave Stringer, and others reveal juicy teaching tidbits.  But Klein’s scope also spans beyond the celebrities, successfully showing how yoga works its magic…”
Sara Avant Stover Fit Yoga Magazine
Review December 2008

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker Y Yoga Movie @ Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCSince finishing “Y Yoga Movie”,  Arthur has become a full on Yoga & Meditation activist, lecturer and guide; focusing all intention, spirit and energy in sharing these amazing technologies with his brothers and sisters here in the magic kingdom, with the desire of enabling all beings to be happy and free.

Arthur’s education began with interviewing and being mentored by many yoga teachers while filming and editing over 300+ hours of footage over several years to complete “Y Yoga”.  Additionally Arthur has attended many workshops, teacher trainings as well as, private tutoring/mentoring from many of most brilliant yogis of this age.

He has trained to teach with Erich Schiffmann (1111+ hrs) and Bryan Kest (375 hrs TT + regular student since 2002).  Arthur also stays current and knowledgeable taking workshops regularly from master teachers like Dharma Mittra and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana master S.N.Goenka, constantly expanding what knowledge he has to offer students.   His classes are a true blend in style of Erich Schiffmann’s “Yoga: the Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness” and Bryan Kest’s “Power Yoga”.

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist Filmmaker Y Yoga Movie TriangleDuring the last 2 years Arthur has taught Power, Peace & Play workshops all over the world, spoken at yoga, meditation & peace conferences and events, as well as volunteer taught at the YMCA and the Pico Youth & Family Center in Santa Monica, California and most recently Occupiers at Occupy Los Angeles @ City Hall.

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker Y Yoga Movie“And as a student himself, what was the biggest thing Arthur learnt whilst filming “Y Yoga Movie”?  He thinks for a moment and then replies, “Inhale possibility, exhale fear and be in the cosmic beautiful moment of every breath… The only finite thing in each of our lives is the number of breaths left in our experience and journey through this life, because as Carl Sagan said, “we are star-dust observing starlight.”
Michelle Morgan Yoga + Monthly Magazine UK
Feature Article & Review June 2009

It is a special honor to teach at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Studio; since this is the studio that I wondered into September 13th, 2001 for that first Ashley Turner 1:30 class.  For me it is coming home in Jai (Victory).  Thank you Bryan and all the Power Yoga family for your encouragement, mentorship and love; in a nutshell for having accepted me into the PY community, for this I will be forever grateful.  My heart is best expressed by the following poem:

Arthur Klein Yoga Activist & Filmmaker Y Yoga Movie

“We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And to know that place for the first time.”

I look forward to seeing all of you in class here @ PY.  In gratitude to my students I am gifting the following to all with the intention of encouraging consistency, commitment and consciousness in your practice:

Free download     “Y Yoga Movie” with first class
Free DVD            “Y Yoga Movie” upon 11th class

in Love, Light & Peace,
Om Mani Padme Hum,

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During my journey I have come to realize that sharing the Guru Within is the best purpose in being. I share a reflection of all of our Gurus Within by teaching, coaching, speaking and being by living yoga & meditation while coaxing the world to consider doing the same. in Love, Light and Peace, Om Mani Padme Hum, Arthur

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